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Child Custody

Dayton child custody attorney Anne Catherine Harvey provides divorce clients with helpful and caring legal assistance in child custody, visitation, and support. Ms. Harvey believes the most important aspect of a child custody case is your child’s well-being and what is in his or her best interest. Our Dayton child custody lawyers ensure that your parental rights and your child’s best interest are considered throughout the legal process. Anne Catherine Harvey, LLC has decades of experience providing expert legal services to clients in Dayton and surrounding areas.

Dayton child custody lawyers know Ohio custody law

Ohio custody laws do not favor one parent over the other in custody matters. The courts are only concerned with what is best for your child. Custody can be decided in a variety of ways depending on the wishes of the parents, the child, and circumstances. Possible types of custody include:

  • Joint child custody between both parents
  • Temporary custody to one or both parents
  • Sole custody to either parent

In Ohio, if either divorcing parent requests shared parenting and provides a plan determined to be in your child’s or children’s best interest, parental responsibilities and rights may be granted to both parents. Conversely, if circumstances show that your child is better served by custody with one parent over the other, then custody is granted to that parent.

Child custody attorneys in Dayton answer your questions

Once your child custody matter is determined, several issues or questions may arise including:

  • If the custody order may be changed or modified
  • The amount of child support given to the sole custody parent
  • Visitation rights and schedules
  • Responsibility for any special needs the child may have

Anne Catherine Harvey’s experienced insight on child custody issues enables her to work closely with parents to understand all elements of their child custody case. Ms. Harvey is a strong advocate in the parental rights arena and an experienced litigator who can zealously represent you in court in all child custody disputes.

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The stress and trauma involved in divorce and child custody matters are seldom easy and often difficult. Ms. Harvey understands your distress and offers caring and sensitive divorce and child custody legal advice during a difficult time. Contact us today and arrange a consultation to discuss your child custody matters.